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The Original and STILL the Best Indoor Series in WNY!

Real Courses * The best competition * No size limits * Team Time Trials * Large monitors * Over 40 time slots a week 

Individual Time Trial REAL Courses

Session 2:  Akron TT:  Nov. 20th-Dec. 3rd

Start off with the BBC’s 20k TT course!  Flat and fast... Map HERE

Session 1:  Arcade RR:  Dec. 4th-Dec. 17th

We continue with the BBC’s race courses with the hilly Arcade course.  Map HERE

Session 3:  Rolling Course #3:  Dec. 18th-Dec. 31st

This is a rolling 17.7 mile course with a strong 1 mile climb to the finish.

Session 4:  Chadwick:  Jan. 1st-Jan. 14th

Start the year off with something a little different.  This is the route I used to take as a teen to get to my good friend’s house.  Enjoy!  Map HERE

Session 5:  Empire St. Games:  Jan. 15th-Jan. 28th

Time to get back at it!  This season’s toughest course...  do you have what it takes to qualify for the ESG’s?  Map HERE

Session 6: Finger Lakes Tri Oly: Jan. 29th-Feb. 11th

Score-This’ superb tri in the Finger Lakes.  One of this season’s longest races at 22 miles!  Feel free to go for a run after... Map HERE

Session 7:  Fly By Night Du:  Feb. 12th-Feb. 25th

Complete 3 laps on Watkins Glen race track from this unique early season duathlon.  It’s short and flatter than it looks, so hammer it!  Map HERE

Session 9:  Sh1tHill:  Mar. 12th-Mar. 25th

This hill up in Lockport got it’s name for a reason...  ride past the water treatment plant and up the escarpment into historic Lockport. 

Session 8: Letchworth St. Park: Feb. 27th-Mar. 11th

Race through WNY’s beautiful Letchworth Park.  Route goes from south to north through the park with a consistent downward grade!  Map HERE

Session 10:  Summer Sizzler:  Mar. 26th-Apr. 9th

Finish up the series with Score-This’ Summer Sizzler!  Flat and fast up on Grand Island!  Map HERE

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